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Category: Beverages

Punch Recipe

INGREDIENTS 250ml water. 375ml sugar. 250ml apple juice. 375ml orange juice. 500ml pineapple juice. 1 bottle (750ml) dry white wine. 500ml chopped fruit (apples, strawberries). Iced...

Ginger Beer Recipe

INGREDIENTS 5 litres lukewarm water. 750ml white granulated sugar. 15ml cream of tartar. 15ml ground ginger. 10g instant dry yeast. handful or raisins.

Pineapple Beer Recipe

INGREDIENTS the peel of 1 pineapple. 6 litres lukewarm water. 750ml sugar. 30ml raisins. 10g instant dried yeast.

Lemonade Recipe

INGREDIENTS 4 lemons or enough lemons to give 250ml juice. 375ml sugar. 250ml water. extra water or soda water. ice cubes. mint leaves, chopped. INSTRUCTIONS

Pineapple Drink Recipe

INGREDIENTS 500ml apple juice. 500ml pineapple juice. 400ml tonic water. 60ml fresh lemon juice. few drops red cocktail syrup (grenadine). 1000ml crushed ice. DIRECTIONS