Main Meal

Versatile Curried Mince Recipe


45ml oil.
4 onions, chopped.
4 garlic cloves, crushed.
30ml grated ginger.
45ml roasted curry powder.
10ml turmeric.
10ml ground coriander.
5-7ml ground cumin.
1kg lean beef mince.
60ml lemon juice.
125ml chutney.
60ml worcester sauce.
4 sachets tomato paste (60g each).
500ml frozen peas, corn and carrots mixture.
45-60ml chopped fresh coriander (optional).
salt and freshly ground black pepper.


Heat the oil in a large pan on the stove.
Add all the ingredients and stir-fry until the mince is brown and the veggies are done.
Remove from heat.
Season with salt and pepper.
Serve with rice, vetkoek or toast.
OR use as a filling for toasted sandwiches.