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Vanilla And Caramel Instant Pudding Recipe


1 big tin evaporated milk.
1 cup full cream milk.
1 packet vanilla instant pudding.
1 packet caramel instant pudding.
1 packet finger biscuits.
apricot jam.
chocolate vermicelli.


Mix the evaporated milk and full cream milk together.
Half the mixture.
Make the vanilla instant pudding with one half of the milk mixture, following the instructions on the packet.
Make the caramel instant pudding with the left over milk mixture, following the instructions on the packet.
Spoon the vanilla instant pudding into a dish.
Place a layer of finger biscuits on top.
Spread a layer of apricot jam on top of the finger biscuits.
Spoon the caramel instant pudding on top.
Sprinkle with chocolate vermicelli.
Decorate with cherries.

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