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Fruit Fridge Cake Recipe


250g Margarine or butter.
1½ Packets marie biscuits.
3 Tablespoons sherry.
1 Cup chopped nuts.
10 – 15 Cherries.
2 Tablespoons cocoa.
1 Cup sugar.
2 Eggs, beaten.
1 Cup chopped, seedless raisins.
¼ Cup mixed peel.
½ Cup dessicated coconut.


Melt the butter/margarine and sugar in a pot.
Add the beaten eggs and cocoa and stir continually over a low heat until thick.
Remove from heat.
Crush the biscuits.
Add the fruit, nuts, sherry and biscuits to the butter mixture.
Line a flat dish with wax paper.
Spoon the filling in and flatten with a spoon.
Cover with coconut and refrigerate until set.
Cut into long fingers and return to fridge.