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Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe


4 Tablespoons flour.
4 Tablespoons sugar.
1 Tablespoon cocoa.
2 Tablespoons of a whisked egg. (A whole egg is too much).
3 Tablespoons milk.
3 Tablespoons oil.
3 Tablespoons chocolate chips OR a broken-up chocolate bar.
half a teaspoon vanilla essence.


Mix the flour, sugar and cocoa together in the mug.
Add the egg and mix well.
The mixture will get quite pasty at this point.
Stir in the milk and oil.
Add the chocolate chips and vanilla essence.
Mix well.
Microwave at a maximum power for 3 minutes in a 1000w microwave oven OR for 4 minutes in a 700w microwave oven.
It will start to rise over the top of the mug.
Don’t panic – it will go down once the cake cools.