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Category: Sweets

Marshmallows Recipe

INGREDIENTS ¼ cup cold water. 2½ tablespoons gelatine. 3/4 cup boiling water. 2 cups sugar. 1 egg white. pinch salt. ½ teaspoon vanilla essence. icing sugar...

Uncooked Coconut Ice Recipe

INGREDIENTS 1 packet (500g) icing sugar. 4 cups coconut + extra for sprinkling on top. pinch of salt. 125g cooking fat, melted (like Holsum). 2 egg...

Instant Turkish Delight Recipe

INGREDIENTS 80ml sugar. 10ml gelatine. 150ml boiling water. 2.5ml vanilla essence or rose water. Red food colouring, if preferred. INSTRUCTIONS

Instant Condensed Milk Recipe

INGREDIENTS 250ml skimmed milk powder. 125ml water. 180ml sugar. 5ml vanilla essence. METHOD Blend the milk powder and water in a glass microwave safe bowl until...