Fun Rice Krispies Pizza For Kiddies Recipe


45ml margarine.
30ml peanut butter.
500ml marshmallows.
500ml rice krispies.
8 strawberries, halved.
8 gooseberries.
pineapple pieces, cut into triangles.
80ml grated chocolate.
green vermicelli.


In a pot melt margarine, peanut butter and marshmallows over a low heat.
Remove from heat and add rice krispies.
Mix well.
Press into the base of a pizza pan and decorate with pieces of fruit.
Sprinkle grated chocolate on top to resemble cheese.
Sprinkle green vermicelli on top to resemble herbs.
Place under the grill for a few minutes so that the chocolate melts.
Cut into slices.

VARIATION: You can use any pieces of fruit of your choice to decorate.