Desserts Recipes

Creamy Chocolate Dessert With Cherries Recipe

INGREDIENTS 1 litre ultra mel custard. 180g dark chocolate. 1 chocolate sponge cake. 225g pitted black cherries (Retain cherry juice). 2 chocolate flakes. 1 tablespoon cocoa. 250ml fresh cream. STEPS In a medium saucepan on the stove gently heat 500ml ultra mel custard. Break up the chocolate and add to the custard. Once melted remove […]

Desserts Recipes

Creamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Creamy Chocolate Mousse INGREDIENTS 150g dark chocolate, broken into squares. 50ml strong black coffee. 50ml butter. 3 eggs, separated. 250ml cream, chilled. INSTRUCTIONS In a saucepan on the stove over a low heat melt the chocolate and coffee. Add the butter. Mix until the butter has melted. In a bowl beat the egg yolks. Add […]


Malva Pudding with Creamy Amarula Custard Recipe

INGREDIENTS PUDDING 30ml butter or margarine. 125ml white sugar. 1 extra large egg. 15ml apricot jam. 5ml bicarbonate of soda. 125ml milk. 250ml cake flour. pinch salt. 15ml vinegar. INGREDIENTS AMARULA CUSTARD 125g butter or margarine. 185ml white sugar. 65ml water. 120ml cream. 5ml vanilla essence. 65ml amarula cream. METHOD PUDDING Preheat oven to 180°C. […]

Main Meal

Creamy Cheese and Corn Chicken Pasta Recipe

INGREDIENTS 400g chicken breasts, sliced. 15ml oil. 4 spring onions, sliced. 1 Box knorr chicken mate – Lotsa cheese flavour. 600ml water. 200ml cream. 410g tin whole kernel corn, drained. 20ml chopped fresh coriander. Method Using a non-stick frying pan, brown the chicken in oil for 3-4 min. Add spring onions and fry for another […]