Breakfast & Brunch

Omelette Recipe


2 eggs.
25ml water.
2,5ml salt.
black pepper to taste.
15ml butter.


In a jug whisk the eggs and water together.
Add the salt and black pepper.
Preheat the butter in a pan on the stove.
The pan must be warm and the butter must begin to sizzle.
Pour the egg mixture into the pan.
Allow to cook for 10-15 seconds or until the egg begins to set at the bottom.
Use a fork or metal ladle to pull the egg mixture to the middle of the pan and let the raw egg run to the sides of the pan.
Pull away cooked parts from the sides of the pan so that the raw egg runs to the sides.
Once done remove from pan.
Place filling of your choice on one half of the omelette as soon as it is done.
Fold closed and serve warm.

FILLING EXAMPLES: Cheese, ham and cheese, tomato etc.

VARIATION: For a fluffy omelette replace water with milk.