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Ubiquiti Unifi Windows Reboot Script

It’s always a good idea to reboot all Unifi and Ubiquiti devices once in a while. The below method will SSH into all your devices and reboot them at a scheduled time.

  1. Download putty and plink
  2. Create a folder called unifi on the c drive. (Eg: c:\unifi)
  3. Copy putty and plink into the unifi folder
  4. Open notepad and insert the following command
    c:\unifi\plink -batch username of device@ip of device -pw password “reboot”
    for example c:\unifi\plink -batch ubnt@ -pw ubnt “reboot”
  5. Save the text document as reboot.bat in the unifi folder
  6. Run “reboot.bat” as administrator
  7. You will be asked to store key in cache and here you will type “y” and press enter, this will only have to be done once.
  8. Your device will now reboot.
  9. If you want to reboot more than one device just repeat the command on the next line.
    For example:
    c:\unifi\plink -batch ubnt@ -pw ubnt “reboot”
    c:\unifi\plink -batch ubnt@ -pw ubnt “reboot”
  10. Open task scheduler and schedule a task to run reboot.bat at desired day and time.