Desserts Recipes

Easy Fudge Recipe

One of the easiest fudge recipes I have every tried. INGREDIENTS 125g Butter. 185ml Milk. 1kg Sugar. 25ml Golden Syrup. 1 tin condensed milk. 5ml Vanilla essence. DIRECTIONS Step 1 Mix butter, milk, sugar and syrup together in a large pot and boil for 3 minutes. Step 2 Add 1 tin condensed milk while stirring […]

Cakes & Cookies

Pineapple Fridge Cake Recipe

INGREDIENTS 410g tin carnation milk. 2 – 113g tins granadilla. 440g tin pineapple pieces. 2 pkts pineapple jelly. 2 pkts tennis biscuits. DIRECTIONS Chill milk. Whisk until stiff. Make jelly in hot pineapple juice. Mix together whipped milk, jelly pineapple and granadilla. Butter a large oblong dish and cover the base with a single layer […]