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FAQ – 21 January 2021

  1. On which Windows 10 platforms is Microsoft Edge not available?
    Desktop – Long Term Service Branch
    IoT Core
  2. In what way is a PIN more secure than using a password?
    A PIN is never stored on the hard drive.
  3. Which Windows 10 feature does not require Enterprise Edition?
    Microsoft Passport
  4. Which Windows 10 IoT editions support AllJoyn?
    All Windows 10 IoT editions.
  5. What Windows 10 IoT lockdown feature can be used to enable a single Win32 app experience on a device?
    Shell Launcher.
  6. Which attack vector is Credential Guard specifically designed to protect against? Select the correct answer.
    Pass the Hash
  7. Which Windows 10 servicing branch was designed for specialised systems?
    Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB)