Passionate about capturing life's moments through the lens. Hobbyist photographer and videographer, always exploring new techniques and perspectives. Follow along for a glimpse into my world.

About Me

My name is Shaun and this is my little space on the internet. Here I will share some of my interests, life experiences and whatever else comes to mind.

I started my love for technology at the age of 11 with our first computer rocking Windows 95 with 32MB of ram and a 56K modem. I remember programming little graphics in QBasic, installing games from 30 stiffy disks and begging my father to buy us a DirectX Voodoo graphics card so we could play Carmageddon, Duke Nukem, Doom and Quake.

Through my teen years I got hooked on playing with game editors, creating levels and custom skins for Microsoft flight simulator, Unreal Tournament, Serious Sam and many more games. After this stage programming small applications with Delphi, coding and designing websites with Dreamweaver was the next best thing. It seemed as if my future was leading to me becoming a programmer or game developer but during my college years I got a great opportunity to work for a company “Nortech” part time and this is where I was introduced to the world of IT. After College I joined Nortech full time as a technician repairing computers, working on POS systems, doing customer support and working on networks. 

While working at Nortech I was allowed to have my own business, clients and do my own thing which helped me gain more experience and branch out from the IT world into the security industry where I worked on and installed CCTV surveillance systems, alarms and electric fencing. I worked for Nortech for about 6 years but unfortunately the company had to close it’s doors because of a fraudulent deal where a large amount of money was stolen from them and they could not recover from it. 

Since then, 13 years later I have worked for 3 companies and have done everything from basic tier to tier 4 support, web design and becoming an IT manager, managing IT teams and workshops.